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How about the quality of cheap Chinese football shirt?

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It has been received. The fabric is very soft and breathable. The size is just right, and the cost performance is super high,

November 7, 2019 15:42 color classification: specify 19-20 bar - saloon away size: XXL useful (0)


High praise, fast logistics. Good style, good quality. The additional number is 169cm, 75kg, suitable for L-size top and slightly larger for shorts. The next time you have a choice, you can refer to the size.

November 09, 2019 12:21 color classification: specify 19-20 a-sen-na home size: l useful (0)

J * * 6 (anonymous)

The whole team has customized a team uniform, which is highly praised by everyone

November 6, 2019 08:34 color classification: designated 19-20 bus Li home size: m useful (0)


Qin * * * 8 (anonymous)

The quality is very good. Children like it very much

November 7, 2019 13:08 color classification: designated 18-19 bar - SA home size: 130 useful (0)

L * * 7 (anonymous)

The evaluator didn't make the evaluation in time, and the system default praise!

Available at 00:51 on October 9, 2019 (0)

[additional comments] good material

Added 47 days after confirmed receipt

Mighanbo (anonymous)


It's a little color difference, but it doesn't matter. It's OK

October 30, 2019 13:38 color classification: designated 19-20 Huang Ma away size: s useful (0)

Huang (anonymous)

Store delivery fast, express delivery is very good, quality is good, very soft cloth, very comfortable to wear.

09:34, November 6, 2019 color classification: random serve by size style size: XL useful (0)

Z * * 8 (anonymous)

I have to give high praise. I feel that I bought a lot of these things, which are very valuable. I didn't expect much from the price at random. I like the style of the clothes I received. The fabric is also relatively soft and has good air permeability. Moreover, the details are also handled well. There is no extra thread. I give a high praise to those who want to buy. Feel free to start

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