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We are from China's football shirt manufacturers, with their own factories, cheap, support customization, printing.Contact WhatsApp 13145865994 (China)


Qian * * * 5 (anonymous)

This is my first time to comment on shopping on Taobao, because this time I'm very satisfied. Next time I choose to buy a Jersey here

September 20, 2019 14:59 color classification: Children's 1920 home set (not printed) size: XL useful (0)

Repeal * * * 1 (anonymous)

If you don't say much, you will be satisfied with one word

October 09, 2019 15:50 color classification: adult 1920 home suit (seal number) message size: s useful (0)



Teammates like it very much. They all say that the quality is very good. One team said that he didn't buy more than 200 of them. He ordered 12 sets. The store gave socks and the captain's armband, which is very valuable

July 3, 2019 12:39 color classification: adult 1920 home top (print No.) message size: XL useful (0)


Fat * * * brother

Great. The children like it very much. It's very good in all aspects. I like it. Continue to pay attention to long sleeved ones

September 6, 2019 13:40 color classification: milky white [children's 1819 home Print] size: XS useful (0)

L * * Chu (anonymous)

Nice T-shirt

September 16, 2019 21:44 color classification: adult 1920 home top (print No.) message size: s useful (0)

T * * 1 (anonymous)

It's not bad, it's very handsome, but the clothes are a little long. A two centimeter less is suitable. Maybe I'm too thin

September 6, 2019 19:12 color classification: adult 1920 home set (no print size) size: s useful (0)

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