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19-20 Marseille football shirt, blue short sleeve

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T * * 9 (anonymous)

I have received the clothes. I bought them for my nephew. I like them very much when I come back. I can't wait to put them on. The upper body effect is good, the elasticity is good, I like them.

September 4, 2019 20:27 color classification: designated 20 a-gen-ting size: 140 useful (0)

T * * 9 (anonymous)

The quality of the sports suit is very good! Comfortable to wear, breathable and cheap

September 7, 2019 21:07 color classification: designated 19 bar - SA home size: 150 useful (0)

1 * * fish (anonymous)

As soon as I received the goods, I took them out for my boyfriend to try. It's very good. The fabric feels good. The color is also very good. It's not expensive. It's cheap and beautiful

September 5, 2019 13:02 color classification: designated 20 bar - SA away size: m useful (0)

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